E-book Release of Testing Microservices

Ham… I opened that Testing Microservices blog post you bugged me with. It said “37 minutes read”. Then I opened the second post and it said “43 minutes read”. Then I closed my browser. Are you serious?

That was the first feedback I received from Manuel and Lukasz, two of my lovely coworkers. I guess they had a point.

Yeah, I know. Things got a little out of hand when I wrote the last blog post series. It’s a little long and reading long blog posts might not be your thing. After receiving overly positive feedback from the folks who were persistent enough to read through the hughe wall of text online I figured out it makes sense to publish Testing Microservices for more accessible offline reading.

With the help of the fantastic Asciidoctor I published the article as an E-book.

It’s all open source and available on GitHub ready for you to download. Go ahead and grab the latest PDF, EPUB or MOBI version, send it to your e-reader and read the whole thing offline as often and as slow or fast as you like.

If you spot any typos or mistakes I’d love if you’d send me a pull request.

Download the E-book

Download the E-book in your favorite format:


Have fun!